Thursday, September 23, 2010


Children need colours and free space to explore and to discover their needs. Colours give positive emotions and playing with colours gives freedom to create your own imaginary world. I think it works like that.
I did several projects with children all over the world; children in bad situations. And always I had the experience that these way of creating freedom - create your own colourfull life- is a way to feel free and a little bit more happy. Here in Ustrzyki Dolne I started only with colours. The children might to stick them on the wall. It's interesting to see which children choose for sticking the coloured pieces horizontaly and the ones who stick them vertical. Is there a difference between the emotion of being satisfied and be in a horizontal way or the need to go further, ahead and try to climb a staircase to the vertical chances? For instance, it's a nice topic for psychologists, but I'm an artist. I see and feel what happens when I want to build a imaginary cit with the kids.

I started with the colours: bright red, yellow and orange, the strong and warm colours. And a little bit of green and blue. After that I let the children compose their imaginary house, their future. The life after this school. These ingredients Itried to combine. The printed houses are only in red (the children made them by composing pieces of paper, so they could move the pieces of their house) and give a feeling of warm stability. I think this school and this environment will give them that. If we and they can make a combination in an artistic way with a lot of windows: the world will be ok for them.

Through the imaginary windows we will look at them, will watch them and take care. However, the windows will give them the space to look at the world, the people and all the things that are important to make your own mind about yourself and the others. I hope the colours will be the base and fundament for the artwork AND the school en I hope the children will use these colours the rest of their lives, maybe once in their own place or their own house.

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